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Do Real Estate Agents Make That Much?

Posted by on Jan 9, 2019 in Business |


In the world of Napa Valley real estate, there is no question in regards to the importance of agents. Their contributions over the years have been so significant that countless numbers of home buyers and home sellers have benefitted. Still, the career of a real estate agent is still one of the most misunderstood, especially when it comes to their profits and earnings. There is really no definite number that can be given when it comes to how much money do they really make.

On the average, however, the majority of Sonoma County real estate agents earn a median salary average of $36,000. This number fluctuates of course, especially for the hard working agents who already have a huge network and loyal clientele who provides a continuous flow of new referrals. On the flip side, agents who only get to sell a single home in a span of three to four months only make a little. Basically, real estate agents are only as good as their last sale. If they fail to find new clients, they will likely not be able to make anything, as they only earn whenever they get to sell a property.

When it comes to the commissions that they make, they do not really get to take home everything. It needs to be split with the brokerage they are affiliated to, particularly to their sponsoring broker. Newbie brokers only get to take a home a relatively low commission, which they will work to build up over the next years. Generally, first-year agents get half of the total commissions paid to the brokerage.

How are the paid?

There are two common ways as to real agents are paid. First, through the broker agreements wherein brokers are directly paid by the clients. Next is through a listing agreement where most real estate agents are paid. Basically, the listing agent and the seller signs a document concerning the commission, with the agent signing on behalf of the brokerage that he represents.

Moreover, it is important to note that the commissions are negotiable, hence, they do not have a fixed rate. The agents, however, come up with their own rates when it comes to fees and commissions that are directly given by the seller to the broker since the real estate agents basically work for a particular broker.

When it comes to the rate of the commissions, it is a norm to see somewhere between 1 percent to 10 percent of the total sale price. Generally, a listing agent is paid with a 60 percent split going to the brokerage.


Why Lawyers are Moving to Brentwood in Los Angeles

Posted by on Apr 21, 2017 in Advice, Business, Marketing & Branding |

The lovely Brentwood neighborhood is located in West Los Angeles. Brentwood is considered as one of the most desirable neighborhoods in Southern California with its luxurious residential houses and discreet and relax environment.

If you are a lawyer, this is a perfect place to build your credentials. This place is the home for many A-listers in showbiz, politics, sports and in business.  A few decades ago, it was Beverly Hills that became the favorite place of famous and affluent families to live. But things have changed, more successful professionals and young families are choosing to move to the desired Brentwood community.

An Affluent & Dreamy Neighborhood

An affluent neighborhood means that as a lawyer, you can have an access to promote your service to famous and well-off clients and prospects. The entire neighborhood will be your ocean to fish, so to speak. Once you rendered your legal service to a happy client, the chance that you will be referred to his or her friends who shares the same stature as them is extremely high. Once you build the reputation of your law office as the one that handles famous and successful clientele, you can expect for a continuous stream of clients who may need your professional services and legal advice.

If you will move and live in Brentwood, the affluence of the neighborhood is a good foundation for building the credibility of your law office.  But the advantage does not stop on the business aspect of it. You can take pride in working and living in a neighborhood that is considered safe and comfortable to raise a family as well. Brentwood real estate agent, Arlene Rutenberg describes Brentwood as a delightful place successful professionals choose to live due to its proximity to the beach and chic vibe.

Brentwood is surrounded by fresh ocean air and enjoys a huge chunk of sunshine most of the time in a year.  The properties are usually nestled in large lots and the atmosphere is relatively peaceful. Your kids can go to some of the best private schools in California.

It is also close to Santa Monica where your family can enjoy the beaches and some of the best shops and restaurants far from the heavy traffic, noise and crowd of the metropolis. Brentwood Village and Brentwood Country Mart are two most well-loved shopping destinations in Los Angeles. If you want to do outdoor activities, the place provides easy access to outdoor running and hiking.  Aside from all of these, Brentwood’s strategic location makes it easily commutable to other hotspots around Los Angeles.

Best Way to Decorate Your Law Office

Posted by on Apr 19, 2017 in Advice, Business, Marketing & Branding |

Your law office is the place where you will spend half of your life with. Consider making it an inviting and invigorating place to work for. Make sure that you will fell energized and not dragged when going there.  However, it doesn’t mean that you need to make the wall multi-colored to make it lively. You don’t want your office to appear like a nursery school, do you?

Choosing the right color is very important. Choose the color palate that creates the impression of authority and power. People who walk into your office needs to feel that they are in good hands and you are the person who they can trust about their cases. In this scenario, you may want to consider choosing colors that are dark and masculine in nature. Dark wood paneling should be used carefully as you only like to convey an effect that is solid, not overpowering. The client should feel comfortable and should not feel like they are entering a library or some sort. Decorating your law office should be a top priority.

Shelving is very important when you consider the arrangement of the furniture and the space of the entire room. To make the room free from any unused space, measure the entire room then figure out how much space you need for the receiving area, your main office, a small pantry, etc. Then you can put the shelves in between each area to serve as divisions. Your books, files, and other references should be arranged neatly on the shelves. Also, consider the space that your secretary and other personnel in the office needs. After all, you will be sharing the office with them and not just for by yourself alone.

When it comes to decorating, simplicity is the key. The walls, the shelves, and the tables should account as little yet essential decorations as possible. Every part of the office must be clutter-free. Again, you want to create an impression to your client that you are meticulous and a room full of clutter does not do that for you.

So what kind of decoration perfectly works for your office? A statue of Blind Justice might do as well but that is very traditional. Try something different like a Winged Victory perhaps. You can also hang a piece of an artwork or a painting that you like. Artworks create an exciting contrast to a very serious mood of the entire room. Showing your creative side does not take away the spirit of authority in you rather it makes the clients know that you have another personality outside work which is okay. Art pieces also relaxed your mind during stressful times.

How to Brand Your Law Firm

Posted by on Apr 7, 2017 in Business, Legal, Marketing & Branding |

For so many years, branding a law firm in the United States is only composed of two steps: take the last names of the key partners and choose a font. Viola! You now have a brand, a logo and a name for your law firm.

That simplicity stays up to today. However, there is something missing with this kind of naming your law office. It is not branding at all but just giving a name to what the people will call your firm. It doesn’t give that something that will make your clients and prospects think the first time they hear the name of your company. This is where correct branding comes in.

Proper branding of your law firm will differentiate you, as the main lawyer or owner of the firm, your partners, your associates and your staff from other law firms. Tax attorney Dallas specialist Lawrence Brown has gained a reputation for his honesty and ambition. He knew that stood out to his clients, so his branding came naturally to him, and he embraced it.

Branding affects everything you do. It encompasses all elements about your firm- the services you provide, the professionalism of all personnel in your office, the lists of your happy clients, among others.  In short, branding is the second most important reason why your firm is being preferred by clients.

If you own a small law firm or you are a solo practitioner, you don’t need to spend a lot just to come up with the right branding.

Just follow these few simple steps:



Collect information from files over the years.


Check how many successful cases have your firm handled and what types of cases are these. By doing this, you will have an idea of what cases your firm is good at. Next, interview 10 to 20 lawyers from various levels and ask them how they will define the culture of your firm. Do the same to your ten clients. By doing this, you will understand what other people think about the firm’s principles.



Know the pulse of the market.


Ask your secretary to call 30 to 50 companies you want to get as clients. Without identifying your firm, ask them what are they looking for a law firm and what they think of your competitors. By doing a survey, you will have the edge over your rivals because you know how to win the trust of prospects. You can also identify the areas for improvement of your company and what you can do to resolve it.

Market the brand of your company.


Make all personnel aware of the brand of your firm. Use the brand in all your communication mediums- your website, letterheads, YouTube channel, and social media accounts. Make it known to your team what you want your company to evoke.

Types of Law

Posted by on Mar 18, 2017 in Business, Legal |

There comes a time in your life where a legal entanglement may be your only choice of seeking retribution. Contingent on the reason for activity in your claim, there will be distinctive components that you will need to consider.

To show this point, consider the accompanying case cases. Assume that you have contracted a contractor to do a kitchen redesign in your home. The temporary worker, rather than beginning the work, takes your cash, just begins execution by tearing out the kitchen floor, and afterward, purchases brew for his representatives with whatever remains of your cash.

You choose to sue under a hypothesis that the contractual worker broke the agreement. An offended party must demonstrate the majority of the accompanying components for a break of the agreement, including that a legitimate contract existed.

Things to Know about Break of Contract Lawsuits

With the goal you should even begin a break of agreement suit, you should have the capacity to demonstrate that a substantial contract existed amongst you and the other party.

In the event that you have a composed contract that hosts been marked by both gatherings, then this is generally straight forward. Nonetheless, in the event that you just had an oral understanding or some other handshake concurrence with the temporary worker, you may have a more troublesome time demonstrating that an enforceable contract existed.

With a specific end goal to succeed in a break of agreement activity, you should have the capacity to demonstrate that you held up your end of the deal under the terms of the agreement. In this circumstance, you have paid the cash to the contractual worker, along these lines satisfying your commitment. All in all, the break of the contract is one of the more common types of the legal lawsuit and should be no problem if you have sufficient proof of the breach in agreement.